You Can Win the Lottery

It might be true that there have been many lottery winners who won their prizes through simple luck. Be sure to look at where there are lottery secrets exposed.

Nonetheless, there are also a large proportion of winners who have never relied on chance at all.

What about those winners who are fortunate enough to land big money more than once, do you think their winning streak is purely down to chance?

If you think such lottery successes possibly could be down to more than simple fortune then you'll be intrigued enough to keep the remainder of this post.

Though the odds of winning a lottery jackpot are extremely low there are fantastic numbers of folks who play the lottery every week. It's mainly down to the vast amount of entrants that anyone wins the jackpot at all.

Nevertheless, you can use a clever formula to change those miserable odds and to a great extent improve your odds of winning by so much that the normal odds no longer apply to you.

Utilising maths and a solid scientific approach it's feasible to exceedingly expand your odds of having a winning lottery entry.

When folks select random numbers for their lottery entry it is like attempting to find dust on the beach.

Countless folks play the lottery in a unstructured way believing incorrectly that they are following some kind of means - such as selecting numbers that they sense are favourable or choosing their numbers based on mandatory dates. Statistically and numerically these systems have just about the same chance of winning as a arbitrarily selected entry.

Every lottery selection that is selected in ways that are not based on an algorithmic method is an arbitrary selection and has an extremely low chance of being a winner.

For example in the UK National Lottery draw you must select six winning numbers from a possible forty-nine. To win you should match the six numbers you have selected with the six numbers selected by the lottery ball selector.

You have a 14,000,000 to 1 chance of winning the jackpot in this lottery.

You have a better chance of being struck by lightning than winning the jackpot on the English National Lottery with and ordinarily and arbitrarily selected entry!

As you can see a random ticket used in a lottery entry is extremely unlikely to ever win you millions.

Just buying random lottery entries will get you nowhere unless you are a hugely lucky person!

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